You can suggest your friends not to do so and if they refuse tell or show them the struggle of small kids, adults and old people for getting just one time meal a day. Many students of your school who are actually minors ride two wheelers without wearing a helmet. Fluency, ordering, cohesion Present oral reports or summaries; narrate incidents or events Student chooses and prepares topic in class with teacher support. You have 2 minutes to do this. What suggestions can you give to balance human needs with the environment? January 22, at 1: What could you think of…?

How would it change…? January 24, at 9: Upload document Create flashcards. Add this document to saved. December 19, at 9:

Cbse Asl problem solving task 5 for class 9

Discuss with your partner — What should be done to stop them from disturbing other passengers? When you have finished, Candidate A will ask you a question and then I will ask queestions some more questions. Problem Solving Tasks for students. Many students of your school who are actually minors ride two wheelers without wearing a helmet.


Your writing taste has been amazed me. Only then people will listen to us. With your partner, discuss what should be done to encourage students to play outdoor games and lead a healthy lifestyle.

cbse asl problem solving questions

Candidate A asks question; Candidate B responds. December 5, at How could you and your classmates convince the school authorities…?

We must reach out to as many people as we can. August 11, at 9: You noticed some littering in the school corridor during the break-time inspite of the cleanliness drive. All the good students are suffering due to this. With sokving partner, discuss how you can talk your azl out of this unsafe habit.

Generic to be accessible to all regions Generic follow-up questions to elicit language at Class IX level. February 9, at 7: How could you help…? Do you think it is unfair…? October 5, at This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. How can you use humour…?

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Really helpful when cbse give dates at he last time and there a panicing situation Thank evirtual solvng for my good grades. Why do you think schools …?


I have taken assurance of houses concerning Green DIwali celebrations. Your email address will not be published.

What role do you think the teacher…? Thank you and goodbye.

cbse asl problem solving questions

Some students are having a fight in the playground. Would you seek the help of sokving school doctor? Letter Writing Letter to your landlord asking him to get certain repairs done in the house you are occupying, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class With your partner, discuss what your suggestions.

He is otherwise a bright student but due to his illness, he is unable to score good grades in examination. There are some small houses near your school.