Though death of human being cannot alter with any cost, the severity of Aila was exposed in different forms. It is estimated that more than million people may be displaced permanently from their traditional habitat due to cyclone, tidal surge and river bank erosion combined with high saline water intrusion But the national and local newspapers reported that at least , people had to migrate to the cities including the neighbouring countries due to the disaster Some of the respondents 2. Evidence based researches are essential to determine policy formulation and review. Ministry of Food and Disaster Management , and Banglapedia More than thousand people among thousand people of these areas directly affected by the cyclone Aila and more than , people took shelter on the embankments, educational institutions, other buildings and cyclone shelters. During the study period, only 6.

Besides, 4 FGDs were organized in the affected areas i. Rainfall amounts peaked at The Midnapore East district zilla parishad has claimed that over 50, ha of crop land has been ruined due to a large scale inundation by river and sea waters. Lack of job opportunities and economic instability also related with migration trend. This paper aimed to explore the causes of human casualty and property damage by cyclone Aila and associated storm surge in southwestern coastal Bangladesh as well as the mechanisms, which contribute towards the creation of resilient community in the aftermath of cyclones. Climate Change and Forced Migration:

Among them information has been collected from persons which is only 0.

Cyclone Aila

Kniveton, and KS Verkerk International Organization for Migration. Some intervening factors that facilitate or restrict migration include ease of transportation, family or social networks, economic ties and government policies such as trade and investment linkages, or social and cultural exchanges.

Lower Middle Class Taka 5, 5. Primarily the people took shelter in the local educational institutions and from where all of the educational materials washed out by the storm surge. Banyladesh to their responsibilities and capability of selling stud labour, people of these age-groups migrate very fast from the affected areas though women and children suffer the most in any natural and manmade disastrous situation.


Towards an Cycloone of Engineering. The average number of family members found 5. There are some major problems related with the forced migration: Gravgaard and Wheeler reported that only riverbank erosion alone displaces thousand people of Bangladesh each year Out of them, After days the migration started from Koyra, Dacope and Shyamnagar.

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White lines show the primary destination and gray shows secondary and tertiary destinations. Assessing the total number and situation of livelihood, education and other socioeconomic status of the forced migrants are also considered as additional objectives.


Union Parishad Union Council; the lowest tire of local government institutions consist of villages within banglsdesh Wards and governed under the Upazila Parishad. Providing adequate food, safe water supply, standard health services, safe sanitation and quality education to the migrated people forced by cyclone Aila; 2. Retrieved October 15, Health officials in Bangladesh confirmed a deadly outbreak of diarrhoea on 29 May, with more than 7, people being infected and four dying.

According to Norwegian Refugee Council NRCmore than 42 million people were displaced in by natural disasters in which more than 38 million by climate related disasters. Trends of Migration EPI have made connection to the settlements for given vaccine.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Officials in India evacuated thousands of residents from coastal areas ahead of Cyclone Aila. To track the trend of displacements of the migrants of cyclone Aila; and iv. The study also focuses on global and national policy on Climate Forced Migrants. According to the Climate Risk Index of Germanwatch, Bangladesh is the top sufferer of last decade in the world due to climatic disasters Completing reconstruction works of the damaged embankment, which was breached by cyclone Aila, before upcoming monsoon for why the displaced people may start their bangladwsh life after going back to their own settlement; 3.


cyclone aila bangladesh case study

This study is conducted by using the data which is collected bangladesb seven months of occurrence of the Aila. According to Ahmed et al.

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The Victim of Salinity in Coastal Bangladesh. However, some governments [e. The other classes including lower middle class migrated after a few days when they failed to survive in their ancestral xase by their own capacity or resources. All of the Shyamnagar, Dacope and Koyra Upazilas are adjacent to the Sundarbans, the largest single tract mangrove forest in the world, and exposed to the Bay of Bengal.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

As a result, vulnerable condition of sanitation for children and women remain unchanged by which they were facing in the affected areas. These are listed below: Global Environmental Change, Vol. Due to elevation of the areas are bellow the mean sea level, whole the areas including agricultural and homestead land, roads and paths, educational institutions, local markets everything has gone under salty water just 68 Wikipedia undated.

World Development Movement52, Oxfam, Towards Recognition have already recorded a number of Climate Studh and Forced Migration in the coastal zone of Bangladesh including the Southwest coastal region.