To find the student simply follow the green arrow to the front of the building to the east side of the campus. The blue winged monster to the south of the Fear Tech fountain starts this mission. A blue winged monster to the east of the entrance to Frat Row. To start climbing the Clock Tower first approach the fencing on the back of it, there’s a blue eye sticking out of the ground, scare it to form a platform to get up to the wooden platform in the scaffolding. Sneak towards the football monument north of the fountain watching out for the torches that the Fear Tech students are carrying. The next banner is a little further away, jump down and cross over to the west side of the Fear Tech campus, climb up the drainpipe on the corner of the veranda and then up the pipe in the middle of the swirling leaf creatures.

I’d suggest buying the Cracklin’ Backpack right away so you don’t have to come back and open the package later when you need it for a mission. And another mystery mission. Hold off on the other two just off the half pipe for the moment. Head over to the first student, he’s found near the student union building where you first customised a character. Head over to the north-east of the campus where there’s a student standing next to a small blue building, pick him up and throw him into that little building.

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montsers The second flag is on the opposite side of the fountain, to get up there climb onto the ledges sticking out of the black parts of the building, then shimmy to the side at the top to continue going up another black piece of the building all the way to the roof. Make any customisation you like, such as changing the Wall from “Gloomy Grooves” to “Befitting Brick”. This mission is initiated by speaking with blue spiky haired octopus monster in Frat Row. One’s right at the base of it and the other is on the paths to the west.

The task here is to place two launchers so that one leads into the other and triggers it to hit a monster a second time. On the way up there are some small posters on the wall that homwwork need to scare, first one’s right above the scaring platform, then the next is up by the first ledges, the third is when you start climbing the bricks, instead carry on around the corner a bit further.


Go over to talk to Don Carlton.

Use it to get up onto the roof and knock down the banners along the front of the building. Now turn around and jump over barrier behind the PNK house to go up the ramp there and jump into the scream can in universify air next to the Half Pipe.

Launcher to “decorate” the matching twin statues on Fear Tech’s campus. Climb up the antenna to the top ibfinity the chimney to finish off the collection. Talk to Art by the Library to start this mission. Approach the gate wlkthrough shoot at each of the three targets, no need to manually aim just fire and it should automatically hit each one. And another mystery mission. Squishy’s got another mission to give you, same place as usual by the fountain.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Continue along the dirt path behind the houses until you get to the next one, ROR House, jump off the dirt ramp onto the back of the building to grab number eight, number nine is directly ahead off the ramp on the same building. Go buy and place the School Colors Ender where it wants you to if you can, the mission seemed to basically autocomplete for me. Once you’ve started go and sneak over to the fountain where there’s a Fear Tech student, as he walks away from you sneak up and approach him from behind and scare him.

Disney Infinity Monsters University Episode 3 Frat Row

Go towards the back and just before you get there there’s a gap for Wall Jumping that you can use to get to the roof of the building. Then switch the second board into a launcher as well making sure that it’s aimed so that the hand isn’t on the opposite side of the board to the other bulletin board otherwise the monsters will smash into the board rather than get hit by the trap.

To start climbing the Clock Tower first approach the fencing on the back of it, there’s a blue eye sticking out of the ground, scare it to form a platform to get up to the wooden platform in the scaffolding. There’s a purple spotty monster up on the roof of a building to the west of the Fear Tech fountain, climb a nearby building to get across to it. Talk to Randy to get this mission. Talk to the pink monster outside the PNK House that you just built.


Monsters University: Homework Hero – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

Head through the gate to the west of the School of Scaring, it’ll open now that you’ve got a Paintball Gun, and go through to the Paintball Arena. Completing this mission also unlocks the “Beastly Bike” toy which you can use to ride around campus on, it’s quite expensive for this point in the game though.

Again run up close and fire at the statue while trying not to get hit by the Fear Tech student. There’s one student wandering about beneath the windows, sneak up and scare him to get him out of the way. Still not quite there, jump up the ledges on the left side to reach the roof.

Do the same thing for the univeraity banner on the other part of the building.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

At least some of the Frat Row Missions will need to have been completed, and at least the Half Pipe will need to have been purchased from the Toy Store and added to the bike park.

There’s a third directly above so keep on going up, the next few are are along the top of the roof before going up onto the chimney, to get up there you’ll need to jump on the yellow pipe to the right and be thrown off it onto the antenna.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

At some point it’ll recognise you’ve finished and award you with a Vender Ender. Back homeworkk Don Carlton, the simplest way to do this is to just switch out the Ender from the previous mission for another Launcher. Go over to it and open it up to get your new gadget.

You can roam the campus freely but the next mission is over near the fountain, Squishy wants to talk again.