He heads the wedding procession and Vishnu and Brahma, as well as a host of spirits, Gandharavs and Danavs follow behind. Shiva explains that Her father Daksha has organised a great sacrifice where many demigods were invited. I like to read it again and again. The woods are full of blossom and the rivers are in full flow. Letter to a friend describing a match you saw yesterday, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class He says that the seven cantos or sections of the work are like the beautiful flights of steps to the holy water of a lake, which purifies the body and the soul at once Ravana hatches a plot and asks Maricha to disguise himself as a golden deer, so that Ravana may then kidnap Sita.

She blesses Hanuman with many kind words and boons. Another admirer of the poet whose studies in the Indian Antiquary, , and in the Indian Gazetteer are of much value, is Sir George Grierson, who speaks of the Ramcharitmanas as worthy of the greatest poet of any age When all is quiet again, Hanuman begins to sing the glory of Rama in sweet tones. The story then moves to Ayodhya. Rama knows that Ravana ‘s intentions and orders Sita to place her shadow Maya Sita in her place, while she would hide in the fire. Essay on Cinema is one of the Gifts of Science. We should love our younger ones.

Essay on Ramcharitmanas, My Favorite Book Essay in English

Svayambhuva Manu had Shatarupa as his wife. The work is primarily composed in the Chaupai metre four-line quatrainsseparated by the Doha metre two-line coupletswith occasional Soratha and various Chhand metres. Even though these brothers are killed by Hari Himself, they do not attain liberation as the Brahman’s had cursed them to three births and so were reborn as the powerful demons Ravana and Kumbhakarna.


It is the golden dream of the people of India. Kaushalya asks Ram to give up His current superhuman form and to start to indulge in childish sports that are dear to a mother’s heart. Esssy relates the story how Ram conquered Ravan- the victory of good over evil.

Tulsidas refers to Sita as his mother as well as the mother of the entire universe many times in the favohrite and so, on an emotional level, this becomes very understandable.

essay on my favourite book ramcharitmanas in english

Shiva listens with great pleasure and then they return towards Their abode. Many citizens as well as the royal family, who have been grieving ever since Rama had left them, decide to join the brothers. Mehta on Ffavourite, Hermeneutics, and Indian Tradition. Sushena tells Rama that there exists a herb called Sanjivani which can only be found in the Himalayan mountains. The city is ruled by King Sheelanidhi, who has a beautiful daughter called Vishvamohini.

Optify by Templateify v1. Bharadwaj asks Yajnavalkya to narrate englisj detail the story of Rama. He reassured the couple that their desire would be accomplished.

My Favourite Book Ramayan

The war begins with great ferocity as Ravana loses half of his army on the first day. When Gautam returned, he encountered Snglish, emerging from his hut in his Gautam’s form.

From left lord Hanuman in sitting positionLakshmanaRama and Sita.

Gateway to Indian Classical Literature. Shiva has no real family and so his attendants begin to adorn Him for His wedding to Parvati. Engpish, Sita being his beloved daughter, Janaka desires to conduct a grand marriage of Sita and Rama in accordance with both Vedic and laukik traditional customs.


It is a storehouse of vast knowledge and values. The deity of the seas tells Rama of the boon obtained by the monkey brothers Nila and Nalaand that they have the power to build a bridge to link the seashore to Lanka. Shiva tells them that they don’t need to go anywhere to find the Supreme God for he resides in the hearts of his devotees.

Essay on Ramcharitmanas, My Favorite Book Essay in English

As the army approach the coast, Jambavan and Angad see a cave by the shore of the ocean. All three brothers are vanquished by Rama.

essay on my favourite book ramcharitmanas in english

Rama attempts to dissuade Lakshman and Sita from joining him but is unable to do so. As a piece of literature it is read with interest throughout the world.

My Favourite Book Ramayan

Gautam relented somewhat and said that when Ram is incarnated, he will bless her and break her curse. Kaushalya joins her palms and prays. As Hanuman is about to leave, M orders the demon Kalanemi to impede him. Bharata finally arrives at Chitrakoot where the brothers are all reunited once again.

essay on my favourite book ramcharitmanas in english

Ravana ‘s funeral takes place and Vibhishan is crowned the king ramcharitmanqs Lanka. He climbs onto the mountain and using it as a pivot, launches himself into the air.

He assumes that Bharata has some sinister motive. Heavenly damsels are called but all this has no effect on the sage.