This site uses cookies. The slaying of the sangai, an unpardonable sin, is conceived as the rude breaking up of the cordial relationship between humans and the nature. You must be logged in to post a comment. Socially, the sangai is the symbol of a prized possession of the state. It has been keeping the water level in the lake artificially high, which separates the phumdis from the ground, preventing their absorption.

At this level, much of the land on the periphery of the lake had been submerged under water, rendering huge loss of productive agricultural lands and localised fish culture farms. By Rail There are no railway lines in the state of Manipur. Many times the deer drown. Text available under a Creative Commons licence. The beams are unbranched originally whereas curvature increases as length increases and they get split also. Its habitat is located in the southern parts of the Loktak Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Eastern India.

Phumdi is the most significant and exclusive part of the habitat. Talk of Manipur, and one of the first things to introduce the State is the Sangai, other than polo, its classical dance, sports and films. When humans love and respect the Sangai, it is respecting nature.

When the rains come again and they become afloat, the biomass have enough ‘food’ – the nutrient – stored in their roots and their life continues. The humus of phumdi is black in color and very spongy with large number of pores. The Sangai has a sanvai habit — of breaking its run to turn and wait for any onlooker.


Firstly, its habitat is gradually degenerating by reason of continuous inundation and flooding by high water caused as the result of artificial basin of the Loktak hydroelectric power project.

Your support will help sangaj build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. Sangai Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Manipur.

The endangered Sangai deer of Manipur

Its thickness varies from few centimeter to two meters. The height and weight of a fully grown stag may be about — cm at shoulder and 95 to kg to lb respectively. Wild Life in East India. October 16, at 2: It exhibits a bimodial activity pattern.

In the evening it starts at 3: According to a Manipuri folklore, a legendary hero Kadeng Thangjahanba of Moirang once captured a gravid sangai from Torbung Lamjao for a gift to his beloved Tonu Laijinglembi during an animal hunting expedition.

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Volunteers organise awareness campaigns in surrounding villages focusing on the need to save the Sangai. This eszay another potential danger to the Sangai habitat.

The Manipuri Brow-antlered Deer (Sangai) Habitat Facing Degradation

Males compete with each other to gain control of a harem of females that they can then mate with. Archived from the original on 12 November In the Sangai, therefore, humans find a way of expressing their love for the nature. The festival also hosts performances by artists from states of Tripura, Orissa and international locales of Thailand and Myanmar. It spelled out very clearly that the beginning of the end of the sangai habitat had begun. July 27, at 8: You are commenting using your WordPress.


Brow-antlered deer | WWF India

When humans love and respect the sangai, it is respecting nature. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sangai faces threat from steadily degenerating habitat of phumdi as a result of continuous inundation and flooding caused due to artificial reservoir. Identified as one of the rarest animal species in the entire world, the Janipur is the eye of the apple for the people.

This was dangai bad sign for the Sangai habitat. Conservation Issues Sangai was believed to be almost extinct bybut six individuals were spotted in and the State of Manipur has protected the species eszay increase the population to It is the floating mass of entangled vegetation formed by the accumulation of organic debris and biomass with soil. Witness the best of art and culture, handlooms, handicrafts, ethnic sports, cuisines, music, adventure sports, as well as the sanai natural beauty of the land.

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essay on sangai of manipur