His wife was also killed. Thus, children come across such sites easily. I have a friend. You will be able to see many types of sea creatures, You should also visit the Prehistoric Garden. Till this day, I still turn to him for advice and guidance, and he never fails me. Though many develop online relationships, these virtual friends cannot replace real life socialising.

A few minutes later, the bees flew away. I have a dictionary. She always serves food with a smiling face. Sometimes, journalists travels to other countries. After a few months, an incident happened.

It was a hot night, so they fanned themselves with paper fans. There is a bird’s nest in the tree, The girl climbs the tree and puts the bird into the nest. It is long and spacious. Therapy offers a safe zone where a gambler can discuss his problems openly and get the weight off his chest about lies, debts or other igngeris. Write a story based on the picture below.

I am in year two. I am in Year Six. Razif has a toothache, He loves inggeriz sweets and hates brushing his teeth, One day, it was so bad that he could not sleep at night.


The ringmaster first introduced the elephants. We play in the park.

koleksi essay bahasa inggeris upsr

The man made himself a raft to cross the river. I always do my homework. A suffix is added to the end of a word to make another kolkesi. Jaya was disappointed but his father had a surprise for him. Yesterday, Mrs Kim and her twin daughters went shopping at the new shopping mall in town, They went by car, Mrs Kim and her daughters wanted to buy some clothes.

Arun will help his mother to clean the house and put up new curtains. As with premature greying, treatment should be done from the onset of the problem.


The lake looked beautiful. Their parents went up to the stage with their children and collected the award. Its beautiful flora and fauna attracts many tourists every year. It is a busy area.

She, her, he, him, it, they, them. Another class you can consider is the art classes. She enjoys herself during this celebration. Proton Perdana is a very comfortable car for driving.


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Too quiet kolrksi Some people withdraw when they are frightened or depressed. One of the important things to do with your money is to save it.

koleksi essay bahasa inggeris upsr

It was completed in over a period of 22 years by 20 workers. I will keep it clean always. These are used to ask questions. I am a refrigerator. Some come here to work and some come to visit. The arts and craft programme develops their imagination while also strengthening their photographic memory and creative thinking skills.

This is the skull of Bujang Senang. You are required to answer all the sections. My sister and I take turn to sweep and mop the house.