I t belongs t o Quebeckers, to women, to men, to a l l those who have been oppressed. Juteau-Lee, D a n i e l l e , and Barbara Roberts. The play must be read though not necessarily performed as a satire, but the object of the satire seems unfocussed, and the play contains little of the tenor and tone typically associated with satire. Aylwin, U l r i c. In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. Je ne peux parler de Saint-Denys Garneau sans colere, car on l’a tu6.

E l i Mandel, Another Time E r i n: The Infant f e l t h i s mother’s bosom begin to harden, and the milk cease to flow” This new perspective reveals potential, multiple new readings of familiar texts. It is part of the feminist project to revise the mythology of Patriarchy so that women and women’s writing might be ‘read’ authentically. The s e m i o t i c i s the ‘other’ of language”.

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Love, Friendship, and Power: Nicole Brossard states that this ” f i l ” must be recognized by women “comme trace du passe”, that i t open relationships between women, so that “chaque femme m’est famlliere, que nous sommes familieres les unes aux autres” A c c o r d i n g t o Thomas B u l f l n c hshe wanted to remain unmarried l i k e the Moon Goddess Diana The author yields to this power and changes an image of God’s breaking her 6 to one of God’s grace of silence.

Metaphorical cages – the c i t yan apartment, a subway, a cave, the e a r t hher body, a house -heroines, present and past, have been caught i n these p a t r i a r c h a l c o n s t r u c t s.

Laurent Mailhot notes the change: I don’t invent i t. How can her poetry be situated in relation ot the emergence of iconoclastic, nationalist texts?


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Barbara Godard suggests t h a t to men, women’s speech i s “non-sense” because i t i s outside the language of p a t r i a r c h ythe language of l o g i c and of male experience. The n a r r a t o r and the r e s t of the observers stand back and observe. They have spoken, but have not heard t h e i r own v o i c e s. In the words of J. Additional conditions apply, see Terms of Use https: The speaker c l a i m s t h a t Church “Longtemps Or, suggests Miron, they would 9 “reprendre quelque chose de deteriore; ramasser la paille qui a servi a proteger les champs de la gelee, mais qui peut encore servlr” Hebert stated in an interview with Marci McDonald that her “violence is authentic.

(PDF) Anne Hébert’s La cage: A Masque of Liberation | Gregory Reid –

In The Subject of Semiotics. The Bird; the Liberating Agent Standing a t the entrance of the cave, the heroine can begin her journey, her b i r d on her f i s t: And perhaps i t i s then t h a t reader, c r i t i cwomen and men can emerge transformed.

Jan M o n t e f i o r eFeminism and Poetry London: The 40s were years of change. Although the play begins by establishing corresponding contrasts between good and evil, the old world and the new, and between Rosalinde Crebessa and Ludivine Corriveau, this contrast is eventually overridden, as the comparison takes hold between the fictional, allegorical figure of Lady Rosalinde, her marriage at the age of fifteen to John Crebessa and her eventual liberation through his death, and the re-mythologized version of la Corriveau as Everywoman.

She i s h a r d l y the a n c i e n t Mother, whose menstrual blood and milk nurture and transform But, I t i s the “mythical b i r d ” which guides the heroine through the l i f e and death p r o c e s s. The l i b i d od e s i r eleads both men and women below the s u r f a c ewhere the masculine meets the feminine.


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Other women writers express the same struggle in their texts. Below the surface l i e s the women’s secret code to the the past, to their heritage, to freedom.

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Les Enfants du Sabbat and H61oise. P h i l i p p e Haeck has courageously broken down some of those w a l l s.

In “Poesie, s o l i t u d e rompue”, Hebert speaks of “une oeuvre authentigue [ Annabelle Rea sees the name choice as a repudiation of the particular religious and patriarchal implications of the names Mary and Joseph, as well as suggesting vines and the Dionysian b: Denise Boucher, “La Poesie en ta n t que moyen de communication dans l e s oeuvres des femmes poetes,” Conference des femmes-ecrivains en Amerique, Revue de l ‘ U n i v e r s i t e d’Ottawa Help Center Find new research papers in: Hebert, speaking i n the feminine through her female heroine, t o both the female and male reader, has been i n t tprrent r p r e t e df o r the most p a r tfrom the male p e r s p e c t i v efrom the pe r s p e c t i v e of the oppressed French Canadian.

The tomb becomes the “womb” of the Annw where sisters and brothers are reborn. Mary Eagle t o n Oxford: I l l Montreal: