Lord Chancellor’s Department and Department of Health. Pitchel, given in the body of your text. Book chapter in an edited book If you are referencing a book with chapters written by different authors, you need to give details of the chapter, and the book in which you read it. Date of speech, location of speech. There is no definitive version of the Harvard style. HS Laboratory Submission Form.

Horizon, Kids lost in care. Adopting a naming convention makes it easier to manage files and find what you want, quickly. Referencing correctly is vital in order to demonstrate how widely you have researched your subject, to show the basis of your arguments, your conclusions and to avoid plagiarism. Nevertheless, as Shrensky has noted in an earlier paper, these kinds of studies are almost impossible to replicate without a highly-trained, experienced specialist teacher to perform the task You should also provide a complete list of these citations at the end of your assignment in a reference list or bibliography section. Aitchison clearly sees every change in language as neither good nor bad, but inevitable Television programme Individual programme Title.

This is usually preferable to direct quotes, as the reference fits more neatly into your own style of writing. Blackboard mobile learn version 3.

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lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Dissertation See Thesis or dissertation. One answer to this is that language change is natural, so there is no reason for people to condemn it Aitchison,p.


For online copies, reference these using the same format as e-book. Your group should coversneet ONE group member to upload the final assessment to the VLE, however all group members are responsible to ensure that the work is uploaded on time.

Referencing and submission guidance

Incorporating citations into your sentences There are several ways of incorporating citation sources into your paragraphs. Aitchisonfor example, points out that language is subject to change, and is not caused by ‘unnecessary sloppiness, laziness or ignorance’ p.

Piano Concerto No 2. Training and management for primary healthcare. When referencing foreign language material where the information is written using another alphabet, such as Japanese, you should transliterate not translate the details into the English alphabet.

For complaints, use another form. You are expected to use the University’s version of the Harvard referencing style for your assignments. For an edited book with chapters written by different authors, see Book chapter in an edited book. Text, Layout and Page Numbering Assignments should be written in an easy to read font, with a point size of 11 or You should always ensure you manage your time effectively and allow enough time to navigate the VLE, submit and check your submission.

British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings. Molecular biology of HIV. M Magazine article See Journal article. The bibliography should appear at the end of the assignment.

If the work is submitted late the penalty will be applied to all members of the group. If you want to show you disagree with the reference: Good Practice Rationale Keep your file and folder names short It is easier to locate it Keeps file paths short Make the name unique Avoid confusing duplicates Do not use any of the following characters: Proposal for a Council regulation on denominations and technical specifications of euro coins intended for circulation, COMfinal.


Photograph taken at Gallipoli by Ernest Roux. When submitting your assignment please refer to the guidance provided. The University is a windows based institution, however if you are using another platform e.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Date of speech, location of speech. Ensure that you have included the LUBS cover sheet as the first page of your assignment.

Referencing and submission guidance

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