And, have I developed a system to determine whether objectives have been met? So, I took a week off from work, booked a flight it was February, and there is no way that I was going to tackle a mountain highway in my car , found a place to stay near a bus route, and enrolled in the week-long course. Karen assigned a mid-course evaluation in , and I tried to be as candid and honest as possible. Newer Post Older Post Home. Have learners been given all the tools that they will need to learn? In order to help students to learn, the first step is gaining some “insight of what students are thinking and feeling” Brookfield, p. I enjoyed doing assignment 4 and have shared some of this assignment here in my blog.

You are commenting using your Google account. The more that I considered my own approach to training my coworkers, the more motivated I was to improve my teaching strategies, and get my learners involved in the process: Have I specified learning objectives? Some students in the PIDP journey expressed the same sentiments. I take the work home, and am constantly thinking of ideas and how to improve but it is very rewarding and allows you to be creative which I love. My first mini-lesson was an abysmal failure. I looked at it as a great place to store ideas and to reflect.

Reflection on the PIDP

What brought me to the program? How will this educational experience inform my professional practice? They shared personal experiences what worked, and did not work for them.

I felt an improvement in my day-to day instruction, and valued my time spent self-assessing. How do I authorize my expertise to my learners?

Amazingly enough it actually turned out way better than I pisp expected so I decided to submit it acpstone with the lesson plan.

Reflection on the PIDP

Brookfield uses this information from students to constantly improve his teaching practices. Timely feedback, and think-backs guided me to begin considering myself as a professional educator, and not just a dental assistant.


My current practice in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMS clinic requires me to train dental assistants new to the specialty.

Are there obstacles that will prevent learning?

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Self reflection was a big thing for me for this course. The biggest change that I have experienced in my career is the introduction of technology in patient communication, charting, x-ray technology, diagnostics, and treatment planning.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but listen to your students, don’t be afraid to make changes as you are learning too, have reasoning behind what you are doing and verbalize it, keep being a student yourself, no tricks, keep things aligned and most importantly for me is value the student-teacher relationship and be yourself when teaching – you will enjoy it more and so will the students!

PIDP – Capstone

Promect Strategies I loved this course as I found I could use the information right away in class. Initially, I thought I was a behaviourist because dentistry is a vocation that requires strict knowledge and skills: I elected to take the PIDP to be a better trainer and developer in my current professional practice; it has exceeded my expectations, and I can see the value in what I have learned because I feel more confident as an instructor.

I found this evaluative strategy to be extremely helpful. I found the learning environment and feedback to be just what I needed going into my first day of classes. I met other educators from different backgrounds and vocations, and I learned a lot from their candid feedback. To sum it up, the PIDP certainly advanced my knowledge of becoming an adult educator, it improved my skills as a facilitator, and capstonr undeniably changed my attitude about creating a learner-centred environment.


How can we properly digest information within the pace of our busy lives?

But, the assigned readings introduced me pido the humanistic learning theory which focuses on a student-centred approach to learning: She explained that each PIDP assignment is designed to meet learning outcomes and not to torture learners.

A very valuable experience for me as this is another way to be creative and to showcase material in the class.

pidp capstone project

I have appreciated the feedback from instructors and feel that they want me to succeed. This course involved 4 assigments: Karen provided the tools needed: Terminologies, methodologies and reading materials all seem so remote and foreign.

pidp capstone project

What were the high points for me during the program? For example, can the student teach what they have learned to someone else?

Prior toI would make lists of what I needed to cover in my instruction, but it was capstome organized; I did not have a clear plan of activities instructor and learneror a timeline.

What is one key insight that I now have as a result of this journey? My nervousness was apparent, prlject delivery was boring, I had memorized my lesson, and I was just talking about facts with no room for discussion and feedback.

pidp capstone project

The PIDP fit my schedule because I could continue to practice as a dental assistant while taking the required courses. The PIDP, delivered online, is very self-directed; receiving immediate feedback allows me to reflect soon after I complete and submit an assignment.