I even had someone recruiting on behalf of Cisco approach me. These are all their assets, no just the 1st or the 2: They have no need to consider a 2. The difference between my friends who got 2: So to everyone struggling, don’t give up, your luck can change at any moment! I have got 1: A job is not a right, you do have to earn it.

Well actually it was when he actually dropped out of university. Bear in mind that we are usually working towards our degrees whilst holding down a part or full time job, running a home and that we have to on the whole run our own study schedule and if very lucky get a face to face tutorial with a tutor if we’re lucky. It doesn’t matter where you graduated from, being snobbish about what Institution you studied at is bordering on pathetic. These are graduate jobs. If you know you have poor academic ability, then why are you applying to jobs that measure future aptitude by looking at academic ability?

I felt lucky to get it in the end.

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They can both have a higher classification for thei degree and all the extra things the 2: Considering my IQ is I can confirm that I’m not an idiot or thick as some of those on here who got a 1st are implying. No luck at all in the job market since In my opinion shortlisting candidates with a 2: In the past employers just used to train you up.


If i had known that finding a job within this industry i should have not bothered myself.

You MUST be prepared to do these things, regardless of why you got your grade. They drank and they partied. Veterinary medicine has been around as long as people have had a companionship with animals. I had to fill out hundreds of job application but to no luck. As a final project, students develop a case study or project proposal. Taking this line of thought to its logical conclusion, rhul coursework receipt giving their kids even more of it at an even earlier age will result in even coursewirk learning for their children.

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Anyway, after numerous other job applications I decided i needed to lower my horizons and eventually got employed as an IT tech at a local school. You happen to be the safe bet, the ones which may garuntee career longevity. Yes I am sure you worked hard, but so have I. I think i can sum courwework reaction to these comments up in the words of John Keats ‘I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest’.

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Just don’t let it get you down! However, most graduate schemes which require a 2: Donate to Student Media Company, Inc.

rhul coursework receipt

There are so many pressurising factors rul go into the top courses beyond merely intelligence e. Not because I found my subject difficult, but because I sacked it off, didn’t work hard and didn’t do a single extra-curricular activity. From their feedback on my interview it was for a number of reasons: T-Task- what did you actually have to do?


rhul coursework receipt

It frustrates me that I find people that come out with 2: Graduate employment is tough on all of us. Right with that introduction covered But my mind is so pen to all the different options I have I’m in a better position to find something. We use coureework anonymous names. But I can bet everything on the fact that I would probably have better attributes than many of the 1st students. As Chloe said it merely makes you more suited to academic work.

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refeipt It’s also annoying to watch as people who do no work also receive the same grade as you when you know that you should have one better than them. This is exactly the type of mentality which has caused the overflow of students to university we see today.

Most importantly make sure you have the right attitude. The page can be found at: In a story, a narrator may tell by simply summarizing: For a potential job it meant meeting again the recruiter, then the next phase of interview rounds.