All of the equipment and facilities a student would need to complete their project are on a single floor, including flexible collaborative spaces, computer labs, a Cintiq lab, a stop motion studio, a green screen studio, and a full audio production studio. Ignacio Guajardo-Unanue Ignacio recently graduated and is currently working at Bioware. Accessibility Inquiries communications ringling. Matthews is also using an airbrush that is giving him an extraordinary opportunity to create a mysterious sense of space where additional layers of media push and pull for attention. Thompson Academic Center 9.

Monday—Saturday 10am-4pm, Tuesday 10am-7pm This selection of paintings highlights the various subjects that have occupied artist Amer Kobaslija over the last decade, including views of Kesennuma, Japan where the tsunami came ashore in , his personal studio, Bathus’ studio, and landscapes of Switzerland and Florida. The Ringling Art Museum. Enjoy this rare opportunity to meet the artists on the Ringling College campus and hear them speak about their work. Respect, Openness, and Engagement. This collection of paintings is a series done over a period of nine years where the frames were an integral part of the design.

Inspired by President Larry R.

ringling senior thesis 2015

Katie Cundiff Bio Checklist Press: Rignling landscapes in oil and gouache by Ringling alumna Katie Cundiff, an sfnior known wildlife illustrator and painter.

Because of the project’s innovations in portability and interest in resolving current social issues, paper is no longer just a chapter in a history textbook, but a beacon for socially engaged art. The structured curriculum, dedicated faculty and latest technology and facilities are what make the Motion Design program at Ringling College extraordinary.


Ringling Film Tops SIGGRAPH 2015 Computer Animation Festival

IllustrationMay Annual Community Exhibition: The student organized exhibition explores millennials and their reflections of contemporary art.

This exhibition is curated ringping Mark Ormond. Barbara Basch every Wednesday at Celebrating 60 YearsIn the month marking the 60th anniversary of Ringling School of Art and Design, this exhibition will highlight the current diversity and talents of Ringling’s award-winning faculty.

Monday—Saturday, 10—4, Tuesdays, Tuesday – Friday, Faculty also maintain a high level of professionalism within the classroom, and that professional expectation is supported by a deep camaraderie between students wanting to encourage, as well as challenge one another.

Artists Illustrate on Basch Gallery Walls.

Ringling Film Tops SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival | Animation World Network

Friday, March 16, pm Gallery Hours: Focusing on the role of observation, reference, gesture and mark-making in contemporary painting, the exhibition presents a selection of figurative portraits, landscapes, interiors, wildlife and urban views that transcend realism to explore the intricate relationship between artist and subject. The Observer – Out of Frame.

Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL info sennior. His palette can be muted or bold as he may be using high keyed Sharpies as well as neon yellow, orange, pink and blue paint.

Motionographer School Profile: Ringling College of Art & Design

Throughout their four years at Ringling, students are transformed into practice-ready professionals while also developing a strong network of lifelong friends and future colleagues. The gallery provides students with real thwsis, first hand experience in working within a professional gallery system. They connect history to current events using Classical, Romantic and Baroque elements often in contemporary settings.


ringling senior thesis 2015

The insightful and absorbing illustrations of Octavio Perez will be the focus of this exhibition. Film Hours of Film Trailer Screenings: In fact, we designed the major to replicate a working motion design production studio. Top to Bottom, Left to Right, 1. Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. The prints are made from color film thhesis in dimensions of 32″ x 40″ or 30″ x 40″.

Exhibition Calendar

Monday, February 19, Noelle McCleaf ringlkng to Mark Ormond about her upcoming exhibition. At Ringling, he has found his calling in making quirky machines.

Vessel Manuals will be exhibited at the Crossley Gallery from March 26th to the 30th. Matthew Holler, Trustee Scholars.

To arrange a tour, email Susan Turconi: Enjoy this rare opportunity to meet the artists on the Ringling College campus and hear them speak about their work. This exhibition presents an overview of the objects produced and the spirit of students from eingling different cultural contexts working together to explore both the expressive and descriptive possibilities of collaboration and mutual respect.

ringling senior thesis 2015